Sarah & Dan’s engagement session!

Sarah & Dan’s engagement session!

  • On April 19, 2016

Sarah and Dan booked their wedding photography with me last year and have been very organised every step of the way. When I met them in Old Petrie Town for their engagement session in mid February, Sarah told me everything was pretty much organised for their April 23rd wedding!

It was important for Sarah and Dan to include their kelpie cross Minnie in their engagement photos. The couple adopted Minnie two and a half years ago and was told Minnie had suffered abuse. Now 4 and a half years old, she is still wary of strangers, especially men, but Sarah and Dan mean the world to her, and the heartwarming bond they have is incredible. During the shoot, Minnie was running around exploring in the long grass and even found treasures (an old tennis ball left by someone).

Sarah and Dan are an easygoing couple with a lot of love between them. Living in Dayboro, their wedding will be kept local in Samford, and everything will be on the same property with a relaxed time schedule and a focus on the real atmosphere with the loved up pair and their guests – and maybe Minnie will be invited too!

We look forward to documenting their amazing day this weekend!

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