Payment Options for Your Boudoir Collection!

I am 100% transparent when it comes to your boudoir investment, and you will be given all the information about the available collections before your photo session. Your boudoir photos are a luxury, and the experience is priceless, but you still deserve all the details upfront!

The session fee is $499. The session fee includes your photo session on the day and  professional hair and makeup for your shoot. The session fee does not include any digital images or printed products, and Image Collections are separate starting from $1700. Samples are on display at the studio, so you will get to see and hold everything before you make your final decisions!

So What Are The Options?

  • Pre-Payment Plan (pay it off over time before your session) 
  • Pay in full upfront (credit card or direct debit) 
  • Pay in full on the day of your session (credit card, direct debit or cash) 
  • PayRight (pay it off over up to 12 months after your session)
  • AfterPay (pay it off over 4 fortnightly payments)

Upgrade your collection at any time with all options!

Pre-Payment Plan

You can choose to implement a pre-payment plan prior to your session so it’s all paid off by the time your shoot rolls around! This is the most popular option if you are booking in 3-12 months in advance as it is totally interest free and minimal fees. 

How it works:

1. Choose the image collection that you can’t live without! Leave no priceless keepsake behind!

2. Choose your payment term. By paying off your investment over the time period that you have leading up to your session, it’s all paid off by the time you have your session!

3. Choose your first payment date and frequency (weekly, fortnightly or monthly).

4. We set you up for automatic recurring payments with PayAdvantage – a responsible repayment option with minimal fees ($0.88 per transaction), no interest and no credit line!

5. Have the best time at your shoot knowing that the financials are all taken care of! 

6. If you decide to upgrade on or after the day of your session, the difference left to pay will be much more manageable since your collection has been mostly paid off already.

7. Enjoy the freedom of taking your beautiful images home as soon as they are ready!


PayRight is an Australian finance option that allows you to make fortnightly or monthly repayments over a term of 3, 6 or 12 months. The best part is that you will receive your beautiful images and products as soon as they’re ready, you do NOT have to wait until our plan has been paid off! Keep in mind that as with many finance companies at the moment, PayRight have strict criteria for approval (a steady income being the most important) and they will perform a credit check, so it is essential that we get you pre-approved prior to your session so we can set up a plan B if for whatever reason your application is declined. 

If you would like a short term repayment solution you can use AfterPay, so you can pay it off in 4 fortnightly installments. You will need to acquire and present an AfterPay card on the day of your session to activate your payment plan. You will receive your images as soon as they are ready, you don’t have to wait until your payment plan has been completed.

Are you ready to start planning boudoir session?


Studio Location

I am located on the Gold Coast – 1 hour from Brisbane CBD, and 30 minutes from Tweed Heads.

Email: hello@willowbranch.com.au


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