Emily + Earle’s Mt Samson Wedding!

Emily + Earle’s Mt Samson Wedding!

  • On August 2, 2016

Emily and Earle booked in for their wedding last year, and Emily got a boudoir session as part of the wedding package. The day finally came when they pair would tie the knot, 16th April 2016, and I met up with Emily again at the beautiful Clear Mountain Lodge!

Emily’s dress was truly a unique masterpiece by Turkish designer Tarik Ediz from Gowns of Elegance, and it featured the most stunning details and invisible sheer fabric, creating an illusion of the features almost dancing around her body. Twidale Hair and Makeup Artists made Emily look flawless for her big day, and her bouquet as well as groom’s and fathers’ buttonholes were by the lovely Kelly from Bella Bloom Floral Designs. Attached to her bouquet, Emily had a beautiful memorial charm with photos of her grandparents, so she could carry them with her throughout the day.

Emily was quite calm and laidback until the dress came on; that’s when a small flutter of nerves set in! We got some lovely photos of Emily with her father, being the only daughter it was a very special day for him.

The wedding was held at Emily’s large family property, and the ceremony setup was beautiful! Celebrant Ketrina Coffey gave a short and sweet ceremony with lots of heartfelt moments of laughter and joy, and Emily and Earle’s guests enjoyed the personal marriage ceremony.

Emily and Earle didn’t have a bridal party, but chose to have gorgeous photos done around the property as well as on a hilltop nearby owned by a neighbour. The sunset really put on a show for us on Emily and Earle’s special day! We also got photos with the family’s special red vintage car named Poppy.

Back at the property, there was a marquee set up for the reception supplied by Events in Tents, and it was beautifully decorated with lights, flowers and personal stationery. Emily and Earle made their entrance and enjoyed speeches, the entertainment by Graham Hobson, the wonderful fresh food by Alastair McLeod from Al’FreshCo, and lots of dancing! The cake from the talented Deliberately Delicious was beautifully decorated and had a very unique cake topper; two little wedding trolls that Emily’s parents had gotten when they were visiting Norway! Being from Norway myself, it was a lot of fun to see the cute little trolls, and so special that Emily and Earle chose to use them as their cake topper.

We wish Emily and Earle all the best for the future!

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