Popular Boudoir Photography Themes

  • On December 26, 2023

The Most Popular Boudoir Photography Themes at our Studio!


Did you know that we offer some really cool studio sets for your inner rebel at our Gold Coast Studio? ❤️ Here are the most popular ones!

Angel Wings 

The ever popular couture Angel Wings work for every body type and every outfit. It’s sweet and glamourous at the same time, and you truly feel like an angel wearing them!

Shower Set

The Shower Set can be done however you want; as a wet t-shirt style look, in lingerie or in your “birthday suit”, and it gives you some extra spicy shots to add to the end of your album as a special treat!


The Bondage Set is becoming popular with a lot of clients. I have a selection of high quality props available, so if the idea of cuffs, collars and whips bring out your inner wild side, this is perfect for you! treat!


The Neon Set involves coloured lights being washing upon you, and this created a super fun effect for your images! It’s very different look and can be used in super flattering ways to accentuate your body shape!

Which exciting boudoir adventure would YOU choose? ❤️ Rest assured you can do any of these for your session, you don’t need to be a certain size or shape for any of these themes, and it is a lot of fun and something different that you may not otherwise have done! In addition to these special themes, we also have a Client Wardrobe full of gorgeous lingerie (from The BlackMarket Lingerie, Honey Birdette and other high end lingerie stores) at your disposal!

Popular Boudoir Photography Themes

Popular Boudoir Photography Themes

Popular Boudoir Photography Themes

Popular Boudoir Photography Themes


Popular Boudoir Photography Themes for Every Body and Every Woman!




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