Guest Blogger Simona Janek – How to Get The Most Out of Your Boudoir Shoot

  • On October 13, 2020

Perfect Boudoir Shoot Gold Coast

Guest writer for this special blog post is Simona Janek, and she shares with us her tips for how to perfect your boudoir shoot and get the most out of it. Even though I’m based on the Gold Coast and Simona is in Sydney, we both feel that it is important to support and empower each other the same way that we encourage our clients to do for themselves and each other. A big part of my VIP group’s mission is this exact notion – uplift and empower!


Simona Janek is a Sydney based portrait photographer and a makeup artist. She specialises in business headshots, maternity portraits, boudoir and fashion style portraits for women. Simona believes every woman deserves a beautiful portrait and is passionate about capturing timeless images to treasure forever!


Perfect Boudoir Shoot Gold Coast

Photography by Simona Janek

Perfect Boudoir Shoot Gold Coast

How to Get The Most Out of Your Boudoir Shoot

by Simona Janek


Boudoir photography has become popular nowadays. More and more women are posting their boudoir photographs on Instagram. Isn’t it amazing seeing another woman being comfortable in her own skin? Now that you are reading this article, we assume you have been inspired to have a boudoir photoshoot of your own. You might be wondering the reason for its popularity. Aside from astounding pictures, it has a deeper benefit.

Let us face it, no one is perfect. All of us have imperfections that make us feel insecure about ourselves. Plus, most people consider others more beautiful than they are. The bottom line is, we are beautiful in our own unique ways. Take courage and embrace your imperfections by immortalizing them into photographs. You will soon realize that your imperfections are not a big deal and tell yourself, “I am gorgeous! Why did I even feel insecure about myself?” Evidenced by photographs, having a boudoir photoshoot makes women feel and become more confident and empowered during and after the session.

Posing in front of the camera can feel like a daring move for some, let alone being in lingerie. Whether the photograph is a gift for yourself or a treat for your significant other, the photoshoot itself is a rewarding experience that you will never regret having! Here are some tips on helping you prepare and make the most of your boudoir session:

Plan Your Wardrobe

You might have a Pinterest board of outfits you want to be photographed in and the accessories you want to wear. Whether it’s the lingerie, pearls, hat, or heels that have been in your dresser for years or in your to-buy list, it would be wise to assemble what speaks to you. Do you want a gorgeous, sensual, sultry, or elegant look? Ask yourself if a piece speaks that word to you. Trust yourself on this!

The next step is to try your chosen pieces on. Each body is different and our bodies change over time. It is essential to see which lingeries and accessories fit you the best to avoid potential frustration on the day of your shoot. Does the piece make you feel amazing? If so, you have the one!

Try on Different Poses

Even the world’s most famous supermodels spend time trying outfits in front of the mirror to identify which angle serves them well. Finding the best angle that works best for you will boost your confidence during the day of your shoot. It is most helpful if you practice in front of a mirror, in your boudoir outfit. This also aids in finding which pieces complement you in specific angles. As you do this, think of yourself as a bombshell and you will feel like one in no time.

Here are some posing tips that are proven effective in showing a flattering figure:

  • Lift your chin;
  • Keep your shoulders back;
  • Keep your body slightly turned; and
  • Tilt your shoulders towards the camera.

Are you still feeling a bit lost? Take inspiration from the portfolio by one of Brisbane’s finest boudoir photographers we have worked with.

Make Necessary Physical Preparations

Maintain a healthy and adequate diet before your shoot. This means, hydrate and avoid salty food, coffee, and alcohol for healthy skin and natural glow. If getting your hair, eyebrows, lashes, and nails done as well as getting waxed or shaven will help you feel confident, suit yourself. Do these one week before the shoot to prevent photographing red marks on your skin as a result of these treatments. These activities do not only make you look good on the outside but also make you feel great inside. Moreover, book your photoshoot after your red days for an optimal mood.

Work with a Trustworthy Photographer

Boudoir sessions are not your ordinary photoshoots. These are intimate experiences. Having a professional who knows what they are doing is one thing, but a photographer who sees you as your true self and will uplift you is another. So, research your way through the Internet to find the one that has the style that catches your eye. Make sure to communicate your vision, anxieties, and fears to your photographer and check out their privacy policy to have a more comfortable experience.

Relax and Enter the Studio with a Positive Mind

If you follow the previous tips, the next thing to do is relax and get some beauty rest. Most photographers provide makeup in their boudoir packages. Makeup artists can hide dark circles around your eyes, but it is still best to feel good on the day of the shoot and leave all doubts outside the studio. Also, remember to wear loose-fitting clothes before your session to avoid marks on the skin brought about by tight ones. You would not want these impressions to be captured!

If you are from Sydney and looking for a passionate photographer who has talent in maximizing her style while staying true to her client’s vision, consider working with Simona Janek. Making every woman feel empowered throughout and after the shoot. After a visit with Simona, you will go home feeling confident and waiting for a collection of remarkable photographs that show how bold and beautiful you are. Pe

rfect Boudoir Shoot Gold Coast

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Perfect Boudoir Shoot Gold Coast