What everyone should know about boudoir

  • On January 23, 2024

What everyone should know about boudoir

(Spoiler: They are so much fun!


Boudoir: Sensual, beautiful, and inspiring photos of yourself (sometimes even including your partner). It’s an experience you won’t ever forget, and possibly one you might become addicted to! Are you ready for your fun sexy boudoir photography shoot??

One thing we should mention: Prepare to feel incredibly spicy! ❤️

People are often scared they’re not good enough or pretty enough to do a boudoir session. Let me tell you… anyone can do it! You’ll realise you’ve built your body up to be something a lot more scary than it really is. Your body isn’t as bad as you think; in fact, it’s incredible! Fear of being confronted with their body image is the biggest thing holding people back from doing a photo shoot. But trust me when I say, you will be blown away once you see the results! Sometimes if my clients are nervous, I show them a sneak peek on the back of the camera – a completely raw unedited image – and they are amazed by how incredible they look!

Boudoir photographers are trained and experienced in working around (what you think are!) your flaws. From posing to lighting, there are magical ways to enhance your best features!

Boudoir is AMAZING for self-esteem. As you get glammed up from head to toe for your session, you’ll start gaining confidence in yourself. And it’s so much fun to plan the day and watch everything come together – and during the session itself we take the fun to a whole other level! We have SO many laughs, you can’t imagine!

… Get ready to have the time of your life!


Fun Sexy Boudoir Photography


Fun Sexy Boudoir Photography Sessions on the Gold Coast!




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