Let me introduce myself!

  • On October 3, 2023

Why I Specialise in Empowering Boudoir Photography on the Gold Coast

Allow me to introduce myself! I’m Malin and I capture beauty. Beauty is a simple, yet meaningful word. For as long as I can remember, I’ve been mesmerised with different aspects of art. From being the party photographer at high school parties, to a one-person wedding/family/baby/everything photographer, I came along way to finding my true passion with boudoir photography. Boudoir is more than taking photographs of beautiful people. It is making people feel beautiful and encouraging them to discover themselves. My passion is shown through the images I capture. Last year, I was rated top boudoir photographer on the Gold Coast, of which I feel incredibly proud and privileged!

Let me tell you how long it took me to say, “I am beautiful.” It took years to be at peace with my self-image. I have always struggled with my appearance. I have since realised how much I love what my body is capable of; the real beauty lies beneath any self-perceived flaw.

My self-love journey truly began when I became a mother. Working tirelessly around the clock, I lost myself and my self-confidence. I know what it is like to have that negative voice in your head every time you look in the mirror. ❤️‍ But the experience of motherhood was a two-fold experience. While I was feeling down about my body and how it had changed, I reached a point where I realised how amazing my body truly was for growing two beautiful babies. I discovered a whole new side of me that prompted me to do another boudoir session of my own! Indeed, I talk the talk and walk the walk.

As I have grown as a boudoir photographer, I’ve bottled up my self-love journey, and I want to share it with everyone. I understand the pain of not feeling comfortable in your own skin. But let me tell you how awesome it feels once you find self-acceptance and freedom! A newly found freedom and peace brings such refreshment to our everyday life. I want every woman to feel that liberation from self-doubt. I want to erase any shameful thoughts in your mind and replace them with empowering truths. You are beautiful, you are unique, you are fearless! It is time to pamper yourself for all the hard work you have done. You deserve this. Let me be your guide to your new beginning!

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