Documenting your changing body with boudoir

  • On April 30, 2024

Documenting your changing body with boudoir ❤️

Big changes to your body can be scary, but you can help yourself embrace and accept it with a boudoir session! This article will outline documenting bodies with boudoir photography.

There can be many different reasons for body changes. As women our bodies go through so much over a lifetime. It can be related to pregnancy, being pregnant at the time or having recently given birth, surgery related such as limb amputation, mastectomy or colostomy, or related to weight loss or gain.

Any change to your body can be traumatic, and makes us feel vulnerable and less in charge. With a boudoir session you can take some control back and allow yourself to reflect on your situation from a different viewpoint.

I have a fair bit of experience photographing women going through different changes.

Someone with a recent addition of a colostomy bag who wanted to show how confident she could still be! Someone 3 months post-op after a below-knee leg amputation who didn’t quite feel like herself yet, let alone sexy. Someone who was facing a double mastectomy due to cancer (she was rocking a shaved head for her session) who wanted beautiful photos to remember her breasts by. Someone after a double mastectomy and breast reconstruction surgeries due to discovering they had the BRCA gene.

People who had weight loss surgery and wanted to document their changing bodies, both halfway towards their goal weight as well as at the end of their journey. People who have struggled with eating disorders or body dysmorphia and were finally in a place where they were ready to see their bodies in a new light.

People who were pregnant and wanted to capture the amazing body that grew and carried children! People who recently got pregnant and wanted to remember their body pre-baby body. And people after the birth of a baby (or having had several kids) who wanted to feel beautiful and sexy again.

It was no doubt emotional for all of these brave women, but each and every one of them contacted me later telling me how glad they were that they did their sessions!

You may not feel at your most comfortable or confident at the time of the session, especially if things have happened quickly and you haven’t had a lot of time to prepare mentally and physically. That’s okay. Do the shoot anyway! You’ll be so glad you did. 

Relax, and prepare to have a lot of fun! EVERYONE is nervous before their boudoir session, but you will feel comfortable in no time, and we always have a blast!

Documenting Bodies with Boudoir

Documenting Bodies with Boudoir

The best way of Documenting Bodies is with Boudoir Photography!




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