Boosting your self-esteem

  • On January 9, 2024


Boosting your Confidence with Boudoir Photography

Nobody should have to feel like they aren’t good enough or worthy. It’s time to retrain your negative thoughts and how you feel about yourself!

Try identifying your negative beliefs. Challenge those and ask yourself questions: Is it true? Is there evidence? Most likely, they aren’t true and you’re just bogged down in negative vibes that you don’t need.

Be positive about yourself! That perfect person you adore? They have flaws, too. Everyone does. But the secret to being happy is giving yourself grace and being content with yourself. Write a list of things you’re good at and what you love most about yourself is a great daily reminder to look at! I bet your list will be longer than you anticipated.

If there are people in your life who are toxic and don’t build you up, avoid them. You don’t need that kind of negativity in your life. The relationships in your life should be encouraging and positive.

Do an empowering boudoir shoot! Don’t do it for anyone else though, do it for YOURSELF with the goal of feeling beautiful and confident! I promise you that a boudoir experience is about more than just pretty pictures, it’s a whole experience that aims to lift you up and helps you see yourself in a whole new light. I see boudoir sessions transform people on a weekly basis, and my clients are always so glad they did it!

The last secret I have for you? Be kind to yourself. Smile often, don’t be too critical, and laugh loud!

Confidence Boosting Boudoir Photography


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