Why have your hair and makeup professionally done

  • On June 25, 2024

Benefits of Professional Hair and Makeup for Your Boudoir Session


You may be questioning whether the cost of a professional hair and makeup artist is worth it, for your boudoir session or for other special occasions. I highly recommend splurging on these two things, and here’s why:


1. You’re going to feel amazing with that fabulous hair and flawless face. And you better believe that feeling of confidence will totally show in your photos!

2. It’s less that you have to worry about. You’re already going to be feeling a little nervous the day of your boudoir shoot. Grab a glass of bubbly and get yourself pampered, knowing you’ll look amazing after your hair/makeup sesh.

3. These people are professionals. They know exactly what kind of tools, colors and products to use to bring out your best features and make you look stunning. The quality of their products is top-notch, ensuring you look snatched throughout your entire session. They are skilled at what they do, so they know precisely how to make sure you look flawless and camera-ready.

4. Besides having everything glammed up, it’s the experience. It’s a time to pamper yourself, all while letting someone else do it. This huge confidence boost is one of many that you’ll experience during your shoot!

Professional hair and makeup is INCLUDED in your session when you book your boudoir shoot with me. This is because it truly makes such a big difference in the photos when your makeup and hair has been professionally done versus doing it yourself.

My makeup artists are specialists in photographic makeup, and this is so important. There is a difference between “going out” makeup and photographic makeup, and if you don’t apply it correctly it can easily look lackluster in your boudoir photos.


Falsies – yay or nay? 

It doesn’t matter if your makeup is natural or all-out glam, falsies make a huge difference. They enhance the eyes and make them stand out in every single picture taken. They may feel heavy and look fake in real life, but on camera, you’ll fall in love. With the help of a professional makeup artist, they’ll make sure they are applied correctly. They’ll really make your eyes pop in your photos!


H&MUAs I can’t get enough of!

From dramatic, Hollywood glam to a classic natural glow, you’ll have the chance to decide what look you’re aiming for with the pros. Here are my favourite makeup artists on the Gold Coast whose services I use for my clients’ boudoir sessions!


Melody Caitlin Makeup Artistry

Loren Lewis Makeup Artistry

Makeup by Mir

Delainey Wagner (Chicup Makeup)

Chloe Stone Makeup

It’s Natural by Elsa


Boudoir Hair and Makeup



Boudoir Hair and Makeup




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