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  • On December 8, 2020

Lingerie Photography Gold Coast

Ms M called me with a special request for a photo session with creations for specific formats and uses. I actually love when I get to do these things, and this was exactly the kind of special project where I could both let my creativity out, and go back to my roots to when I did a bit of fashion photography (which I loved). The best of both worlds! This was the brief from Ms K: a statement piece as a gift for her husband, a casual boudoir look with a white business shirt and Calvin Klein underwear, a lingerie look, and one angel wing photo. She also wanted to use one of the images for her professional venture as a mindset coach. Ms K was turning 40 around the time of the session – just have a look at the photos and let that sink in for a second… No waaaay she’s 40, right??? Yup! And not only that, she made a point of doing the session at a point in her life when her body and mind were at their most natural and healthy. 😍 She had recently removed her breast implants, let her hair grow out to its natural colour, and for the shoot she left her hair with its natural wave. From our conversations about her lifestyle and mindset, it’s obvious that we could all learn a thing or two from Ms M about making the most of our natural life.

Lingerie by Honey Birdette and Calvin Klein.

Hair and makeup by Melody Caitlin Make-Up Artist.


Lingerie Photography Gold Coast

Lingerie Photography Gold Coast

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