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Treat yourself to an exclusive boudoir photography experience, or give the perfect personal gift to someone special in your life! With a luxurious professional makeover and a day as a model in the photography studio, you will feel beautiful and confident and walk away with a collection of precious photos that you can be proud of – and will forever serve as a reminder of how strong and beautiful you are every single day.

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"I’m so blessed with this opportunity to work with Malin, I walked away feeling INCREDIBLE, EMPOWERED AND CONFIDENT! Words truly cannot describe just how this feels until you try it for yourself - but now we have this video that’s the next best thing to give you a little insight of just what this incredible day involves! I hear people say “oh I wish I had the confidence for that” or “I’m not a model so I can’t do it”... Let me tell you! In the lead up to this, I had zero confidence. Since becoming a mum and going through all the body changes that came with pregnancy and motherhood, I’m back battling self esteem issues. From the moment I saw my makeup complete, my outfit on and an incredible lady behind the lens, I relaxed and felt so completely beautiful and present in that moment - flaws and all. And even more - seeing the images in all their raw beauty was such an incredible thing! The anticipation that follows is IMMENSE. Once you see the photos of yourself, in all your beauty - and you truly feel beautiful, - it is the most amazing feeling. I so wish every female I knew got one of these incredible photo shoots done. I want every woman to feel the kind of beautiful I felt - even just for a moment! I encourage you all, if you ever get a chance - TREAT YOURSELF! It is worth it, YOU are worth it. And there’s no better team to help you realise that!"

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Hi, I'm Malin!

I am the founder of Willow Branch Photography, and boudoir photography is my absolute passion! I love every aspect of it; meeting new people and hearing their stories, the amazing makeovers, and most importantly, helping women boost their confidence and feel beautiful. I can’t wait to work with you!


My residential studio is located in Fernvale just outside Brisbane and is an elegantly styled space where the magic moments are captured. The bright spacious room is contemporary and sophisticated and allows me to create natural and luxurious images for my clients. It’s comfortably heated in winter and cooled in summer. See more photos and read more about The Studio!


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