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Professional boudoir photo editor - from small edits to full retouch

Less Time to Work, More Time to Play!

Hey there, fellow photographer!

We all know that a photography business is 10% shooting and 90% other stuff. Sometimes the endless grind of editing can really kill your motivation.

So why not outsource the boring bits?

The good news for you is that I LOVE editing! Having photographed and edited sessions (my own and for others) for years, you can leave your editing worries to me and get back to the fun stuff!

I Specialise in Boudoir Retouching

The other beneficial thing is that I specialise in boudoir, so I know to handle every image with care and precision when it comes to bodies and skin types. I can be as drastic or as subtle as you need, and I offer different options for your specific requirements.


Having run a successful photo studio and worked as a boudoir photographer myself, I understand what both the photographer and client are looking for in their images. 


I also understand that client image privacy is of utmost importance, and a primary objective is to keep your digital files confidential and safe.

My Services

What I do:

– Face retouching: blemish removal, colour blending, softening tan lines, evening out skin tone, skin smoothing, remove dark eye circles, whiten teeth, brighten eyes, small tattoo removal.
– Style matching and/or colour correcting, brightness and contrast 
– Background fixes: remove power outlets, cords and other distracting elements 
– Straighten and crop image if required
– Liquify if required



Retouch Only $3.90 USD per image

Skin retouch – remove blemishes, spots, wrinkles, bruises, dark circles, scars, stretch marks, cellulite, small tattoos, etc

Skin colour correct – remove red splotches, soften tan lines, even skin tone

Subtle body contouring using liquify & dodge burn techniques

Skin smoothing to your preferred degree

General exposure and contrast

Teeth whitening and eye brightening

Minor Background retouching – power outlets, extending backdrops, etc

Colour & Retouch $4.20 USD per image

Everything included in the ‘Retouch Only” service

Style matching and/or colour balance

"Malin is a dream to work with. Not only did she pick up on my exact style preference’s immediately, she added a slightly upgraded feel to the retouching as well that I originally wasn’t capable of. She’s very open to feedback (although I only needed a slight adjustment one time so far) and has a super quick turnaround. Highly highly recommend!"
Audrey Rouzer
Boudoir Photographer at Audrey Rouzer Portraits


Doing a boudoir session is a big deal, and we completely understand that you have questions about it! These are some of the most common questions:

How do I submit my images for retouching?

Upload your high resolution JPG, TIFF or RAW photos into your Google Drive or Dropbox folder, share the folder with me, and I will send you a notification when they are finished edited.

What is your turnaround time?

I try to get your images back to you as quickly as possible. You will have your retouched images back within 3-10 days.

Will you make revisions if needed?

I am happy to make revisions until you are completely satisfied with your images. I find that as I get to know your work, style and preferences, revisions are rare, but I am always open to your feedback!

Will you accept rush orders?

Most likely, yes! Depending on my current workload, I am sometimes too busy to guarantee rush delivery, but I will definitely try to accommodate your need for a rush order. A rush order fee may apply.

What is your confidentiality policy?

All pictures I retouch are 100% confidential. I do not share or publish images without written consent. I am happy to sign a NDA with all of my clients.

What payment method to you accept?

All pricing is in USD. An invoice will be sent to you via email and payment is expected within 3 working days after delivery of your images.

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