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We here at Willow Branch are passionate about your love story and personal journey, and over the years we have found our niche in our genres that make us experts at what we do! We can confidently guide you on your search for the best wedding photography package, and create an amazing collection of wedding photos for you remember your special day by!


I am the founder of Willow Branch Wedding Photography, and I photograph weddings on the Gold Coast and run the business side of things. I have over 12 years of experience in wedding and portrait photography and a degree in photography from Griffith University. I am extremely perfectionistic when it comes to all the work that leaves my office under the Willow Branch brand, so I have carefully handpicked every one of the wedding photographers on my team. I can honestly say that they are the best bunch of photographers I have had the pleasure of working with, and I'm so excited for them to create magic on your special day! Besides running the day to day part of the business and photographing the weddings in my area, boudoir photography is where my passion lies - I find it incredibly rewarding! I'm originally from Norway and have lived 16 years in Australia. I have two beautiful little boys and a super supportive husband, as well as a fluffy white dog and a tripod cat that make the household interesting!

Samantha - BRISBANE

Sam is super passionate about weddings, love, family and connection, and she will perfectly capture those special moments on your wedding day! With a keen eye for detail, she makes sure that everything is perfect, making sure your dress and veil is flawless, and your tie straight. Sam is a bit of a ninja and will unobtrusively capture your entire day with you hardly knowing she's there. She has a weakness for sweet things, especially wedding cake, so make sure you save her a piece!


With 13 years of experience in wedding photography and over 350 weddings under his belt, Marcel is the man you want for your big day! He has a super relaxed personality which lets him be focused and efficient while staying calm no matter how chaotic the day gets. He doesn't get frazzled easily, and even though he doesn't have the loudest voice, he will command a situation with confidence and herd your guests when needed. Marcel has a background in real estate and commercial photography, and his careful eye for detail and composition translates into his wedding work. His past experience in customer service lends itself to amazing personal care for each and every bride and groom, and you will be in great hands! Some of his favourite things are scotch whiskeys, custom car building, dogs and cats.

Elizabeth - BRISBANE

Elizabeth has been shooting weddings for 10 years and still gets excited for every one. She has been obsessed with love, romance and all things wedding since she was pasting cut outs from bridal magazines onto her school books in grade one! Elizabeth is married to a teacher, has two cute kids and a cat named Hermione. She loves reading, cooking, shooting and travelling and dreams about doing all four at once.

Charlotte - BRISBANE

Charlotte and is a wife, mother to a very active and fun little boy, animal lover and photographer. She has lived in beautiful Queensland her whole life but recently spent a year in Melbourne exploring all it has to offer, including the great ocean road, 12 apostles, many trips to chocolate shops in the Yarra Valley region, and too many good restaurants to name! As a photographer she has years of experience photographing weddings and she knows how important each and every couple's special day is. She will always go above and beyond for your wedding photos, she absolutely loves what she does and is always trying new things to get that WOW factor shot that will leave you breathless, creating images that you will cherish forever.


Kylie is an adventurer, dog lover and minimalist in the making. Going on camping trips all around Victoria with her family growing up, always with her film camera in hand, has made her appreciate the small things in life - and she's been documenting them ever since. To Kylie, wedding photography is a celebration of your friends and family coming together to witness this special moment in your lives no matter how big or small. Her photography style is warm, fun, relaxed and emotional, which is pretty much her personality too. Kylie will capture those precious moments on your day, she will capture moments that you didn't even know happened, and she will capture the moments that you forgot. And that's what wedding photography is all about, documenting the whole essence of a wedding day.

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