The Yates Family!

  • On January 12, 2016

Last year at approximately the same time of year as now, young parents Amy and Tyson took their kids Jorge, Charlie and Mattie out for family photos. After a challenging but fun session, we had a great collection of photos that portrayed the family as it really was!

When Amy booked in for their second family session a year later, I knew what I was in for and I was better prepared! I knew we had to make the session fun and quick-paced to keep up with the energetic bunch, and Amy and Tyson even brought toys and bribes. As expected, the kids were happier to run around and play with sticks and plants than to pose for the camera, but that was fine; I simply followed them around and captured their playfulness and reality of their family dynamic. And in between candid shots of Jorge running around with the biggest sticks he could find and Charlie picking flowers off of the bushes, we got a couple of nice family photos that Amy and Tyson can hang on their wall! So our mission is complete for now, and I look forward to hopefully seeing them again next year!

_MG_0555 copy1

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Family Photography Fernvale

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Family Photography Fernvale

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Family Photography Fernvale

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Family Photography Fernvale