Ollie and his family!

  • On January 5, 2016

Toni brought her family out for a photo session, including son Oliver and her parents, Ollie’s nan and pop. It was lovely to observe their family dynamic, and I could tell Ollie really loved spending time with his family!

Ollie was a little shy and not feeling 100% on the day, so we tried to give him some space to do his own thing and focus more on the candid moments rather than the posed photos.

As it happened, Toni’s parents’ wedding anniversary was coming up a couple of weeks after the photo session, so it was great timing and lovely for them to get some photos together to mark the upcoming occasion!

_MG_0217 copy2

_MG_0308 copy2

_MG_0241 copy2

_MG_0322 copy2

_MG_0305 copy3

_MG_0258 copy2

Fernvale Photographer

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_MG_0323 copy3

Fernvale Photographer

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_MG_0401 copy2

Fernvale Photographer

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Fernvale Photographer