The Proud Print – Part 2 of “The Heirloom Chronicles”

  • On April 15, 2015

The Proud Print.

Once upon a time there was a print hanging proudly on a wall.

His life started out as only numbers and code, but then he grew into colour and a story, and finally he was a tangible big print.

The family was told to expect him, and excited they were, but nothing could prepare him for the expressions on all their faces when they laid eyes on him. They squealed with joy and they were so excited that they wanted to hang him on their living room wall right away. Splendidly he hung for everyone to see, the family came in and viewed him with big happy eyes every day, and they showed him off to all their friends.

As time went by, the family’s life got busy and they didn’t spend as much time with him as they once had. However, every time they did, they smiled, and they were reminded of the wonderful story behind his creation.

And that was enough for him to hang happy and proud on the wall until eventually he was gifted to the family’s ancestors, who in turn viewed him in awe and excitement.

The End.

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