Baby Scarlett – 10 days fresh!

Baby Scarlett – 10 days fresh!

  • On December 1, 2015

Tiarna & Travis brought their first born Scarlett in for her newborn session at 10 days new. Scarlett was a beautiful little girl with a great head of hair, and she arrived a little early to her parents’ surprise!

At 10 days she posed perfectly and we got some great photos. Tiarna and Travis brought along a special knitted purple beanie for Scarlett to wear for a photo; it was a bit big on her, but I’m sure she will grow into it!

Like most new parents, Tiarna and Travis is were both tired after the arrival of their new bundle of joy. While I took photos of Scarlett, they had themselves a well-deserved nap on the couch in the studio!


No doubt being a new parent is exhausting, but Tiarna & Travis are fantastic and Scarlett is very lucky to have such a lovely mum and dad!

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_MG_4932 copy2

_MG_4945 copy2

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_MG_5069 copy2

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