Scarlet’s newborn session, 10 days new!

  • On January 26, 2016

Skye and Lachlan brought baby Scarlet and big sister Lori in for Scarlet’s newborn session at 10 days old. After Lori came early at 27 weeks, Skye was thrilled to carry to full term and give birth to a healthy baby girl!

Scarlet had the cutest big lips and chunky cheeks, and Lori was very excited to have a little sister! Scarlet was laidback and sleepy, and we managed to get through an impressive amount of props and setups while she was happily snoozing. Every now and then she cracked a smile, and while she was otherwise extremely relaxed, her little fingers refused to be straightened and her hands prefered to be balled up into tiny fists (until the last few shots when she gave in and relaxed her hands, yay!). She had quite the firm grip, so if that’s any indication of her personality, I suspect she will grow up to be a very determined little lady!



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