Sarah + Dan’s Samford Lakes Country Wedding!

Sarah + Dan’s Samford Lakes Country Wedding!

  • On August 16, 2016

You may remember Sarah and Dan’s engagement session at Old Petrie Town in February, and their rescue pooch Minnie who was part of the shoot! On April 23rd the day finally came to tie the knot, and they did so in a spectacular country fashion!

Sarah and Dan got married at Samford Lakes, a stunning rural event and accommodation venue. The boys and girls got ready in separate cottages, only meters apart. The boys wore tan pants, white shirts with rolled up sleeves and black vests, and the bridesmaids wore classic long dusty pink dresses from Forever New with lace detail on the neckline. Sarah wore an amazing slim A-line gown from Brides Desire by Wendy Sullivan with gorgeous lace, ribbon and beads on the bodice, and a very special “something blue” – a heart sewn into the chest made from her grandfather’s shirt fabric. Sarah wore high heeled Jokobies pink floral ankle strap open toe shoes, as well as a standby pair of cowboy boots for later in the evening! Dan wore matching cowboy boots on the day.

The girls’ hair was done by Danielle Blyton, and their flawless makeup by Jayden Kopittke. The flowers were amazing big bouquets with native autumn flowers from Beccy’s Bridal Bouquets, and they suited the rustic theme for the day perfectly!

When Sarah’s sisters, bridesmaids and her father saw her for the first time, their jaws dropped and there were almost tears all around!

The boys were taken to the ceremony first in their landcruiser that had been decoration with white ribbon for the occasion, and Dan greeted their guests and waited patiently for his bride. The girls were picked up and arrived in the truck closer to the ceremony, and when Sarah’s dad walked her down the aisle, it all became very real for the stunning bride.

The ceremony was beautiful and emotional, and the couple surprised their mothers with big bouquets of flowers to thank them for everything they had done for them while growing up as well as helping with the wedding arrangements. The page boy for the day decided that he didn’t want to walk down the aisle, but his daddy carried him down and the rings made their way to Sarah and Dan after all!

After the ceremony, we spent the hour before sunset taking photos of the bridal party around the stunning property, with Minnie close at heel of course.

The ceremony marque with all its glorious lights and laser engraved signage was organised by Sarah’s father, and it all looked spectacular as dusk started to fall!

The evening progressed with speeches from both sets of parents, bridesmaids and groomsmen and the newlyweds themselves, then the beautiful cake was cut, and throughout the night there was lots of dancing to country rock band Brigginshaw who really got the crowd going with the country classics!

We wish Sarah and Dan all the best for the future!

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