Samantha + Tom’s Engagement Session!

  • On April 5, 2016

Sam and Tom have been together for 4 years, and now they are finally tying the knot! Their wedding is set to April 9th in Tamborine, and as preparation for the big day we did a walk through of the venue, Tamborine Gardens Wedding Resort, and then headed to the Tamborine Mountain Botanic Gardens for their engagement photos.

Even though it was raining when we did the walk through, the venue still looked gorgeous, and we can’t wait to photograph the couple’s beautiful wedding there soon! By the time we started the engagement photos, the rain had ceased to a light drizzle, and then started getting heavier towards the end of the shoot. It was as if the weather gods held up for an hour just so we could do Sam and Tom’s engagement session!

Throughout the session, it became obvious that even after 4 years, the pair was still very much in love. They said it was because they have a lot of fun in their relationship, and they obviously make time for each other, and for fun, in their everyday lives.

The couple told me they wanted photos that they could put in a frame; not too casual, but they also wanted to have fun with them. Tom often took the lead and mixed up the poses and made Sam laugh at many occasions. We even got a bit of a Notebook moment at the end!

We look forward to documenting Sam and Tom’s big day next month!

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