Newborn and Baby Photography

  • On July 28, 2015

When I get inquiries for newborn sessions, I sometimes have mums come in with infants 4 weeks and older. While I don’t mind doing these sessions at all, it is a different kind of session, because what a lot of people don’t realise is that the newborn stage only lasts for the first 28 days of life. After that, they are an infant, or baby. Around the 12 month mark, or when they start to walk, they are toddlers.

The main reason why I prefer to photograph a newborn in the first 10 days is because they are very sleepy and easy to move around. With the right preparations before the session and a good feed, it’s relatively easy to get a newborn to zonk out for the duration of the photos!

When they get a little bit older, even from 2-3 weeks, they are still newborns, but they are more awake, their little arms and legs are much stronger, and they are more difficult to get into the positions that people often want for their newborn photos. Keep in mind I never force babies into positions that do not come naturally to bub.

At 4-12 weeks, very dependant on the individual baby, they are not only that much stronger and more awake, they are also more alert, curious, and easily distracted by their surroundings!

This is why I prefer to have the newborns in as soon as possible after birth, so that we can get those cute sleepy poses that people want! Basically, the older they get, the less likely it is we will get those shots, but if you go for a later shoot we can still get beautiful photos of your baby, but instead of the sleepy curled up poses you will instead get wide open eyes and maybe even some smiles. It’s just important to differentiate between a newborn and a baby session so that people are aware of what to expect.

The best time to come in with an older baby is when they start cracking smiles! I offer a Watch Me Grow bundle that includes 4 sessions including a newborn session, 2 baby sessions and a cake smash session when they turn 1 year old. It’s a lot of fun, and you get all the milestones documented for the future with lovely keepsakes available such as gorgeous photo boxes, albums and wall art!

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