Natalia + Nathan’s Flaxton Gardens Wedding!

Natalia + Nathan’s Flaxton Gardens Wedding!

  • On April 14, 2016

Natalia and Nathan got married at the stunning Flaxton Gardens in Maleny, Sunshine Coast hinterland. This couple had an amazing colour theme, white and burgundy, and that included deep burgundy lips for the girls!

The boys got ready at Flaxton Grove only 100m from the Gardens, and Nathan and his groomsmen went to great lengths to wear matching sunnies as well as personalised socks! Nathan’s brother Luke played the important role of Best Man, and Nathan and Luke had a unique bond that was apparent on the day of Nathan’s wedding. Nathan’s groomsmen said a prayer for their friend, brother and brother-in-law, and while I didn’t hear most of it, I did happen to catch the word “vertical”, which brought a lot of laughter to the boys and a distinct blush to Nathan’s face!

The girls got ready in the apartment on site. Natalia is a bold person, and her personality really showed through in her choices on the day, with deep burgundy lips for all the girls, and white bridesmaid dresses for her entourage. Natalia’s gorgeous lace gown and jewellery was from White Lily Couture, and the headpiece she wore was simply stunning. There was also a little flowergirl who did a lovely job throwing the rose petals down the aisle for Natalia’s entrance to the ceremony.

Both being of religious backgrounds, the ceremony was a heartfelt celebration by their chosen priest, and after the vows were said and the kiss was done, Natalia and Nathan couldn’t wipe the grins off their faces!

For the bridal party photos Natalia and Nathan had hired two awesome kombi vans from Deluxe Kombi Service, and Jennifer and Michael took us to Agapanthus Lane, One Tree Hill and back to Flaxton in true style! It was a hot day, so we were thankful for the shade of the amazing trees on Agapanthus Lane, and we got some lovely photos. Next stop was One Tree Hill, and although the sun was still quite high, we got some great photos of the guys and girls playing around with the kombis! We also did the iconic dip pose with the bride and groom next to the tree, and one of Natalia’s lovely bridesmaids helped us with the veil, making it appear to blow in the wind (if only for two seconds)!

Back at Flaxton, Natalia and Nathan’s reception room was beautifully styled and decorated. There was a yummy lolly buffet and a professional photobooth by Flashpod, both of which were very popular! With Nathan being a beekeeper, the couple gave little jars of honey which said “Meant to bee” to their guests as bonbonnieres – awww!

Natalia and Nathan’s gorgeous cake was created by Ideas in Icing and was displayed under a spotlight which gave it great impact.

Natalia and Nathan’s wedding was a spectacular day, and we wish the happy couple all the best for the future!

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