Meg’s boudoir session

  • On March 1, 2016

Boudoir Photographer

Meg booked in for her boudoir session for some photos to give to her fiancé for their March wedding. She brought two stunning sets of white lace lingerie, as well as a spicy red set. Meg had the most beautiful blonde hair and long legs, and Alexis Harlow Makeup Artistry loved working on her gorgeous face! With Meg we tried to accentuate her big blue eyes and full lips, and work with her long beautiful legs to create elegant flowing poses. She also brought along her wedding veil, which we used for some gorgeous soft and airy photos! She really did an amazing job, and we were so thrilled with the end result!

We wish Meg all the best of luck for her wedding on the 12th of March, and we hope her lucky husband-to-be loves the photos as much as we do!

IMG_7660 copy2

IMG_7610 copy3

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Boudoir Photographer

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Boudoir Photographer

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Brisbane Boudoir Photographer

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Boudoir Photographer

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Boudoir Photographer

Brisbane Boudoir Photographer