Lucynda + Phil’s Teneriffe Wedding!

Lucynda + Phil’s Teneriffe Wedding!

  • On September 6, 2016

Lucynda and Phil decided to do a ‘First Look’ on their wedding day, have their photo session done before the ceremony, and then celebrate with a great dinner with all their nearest and dearest.

I met Phil at New Farm Park where he waited anxiously for his bride to arrive. With umbrellas on hand, we were hoping for a dry afternoon after showers sprinkling the city in the morning. When the moment finally came for Lucynda to reveal herself to Phil, it was a lovely heartfelt moment where it seemed the two of them were in their own little world.

Lucynda looked stunning in a lovely ivory dress with crystal and beading detail on the bodice, ornamental straps and a lovely bouquet she had made herself. Phil wore a smart grey pinstripe suit and an ivory tie to match Lucynda’s dress.

Lucynda and Phil had no bridal party, so they did the photo session as a twosome, and they rocked it! We took some photos around the New farm Park area, then we went to Teneriffe and got some photos with the iconic brick buildings, the red door and a beautiful wall covered in vines. After the photos, the guests were seated inside Eve’s on the River for the ceremony, and Lucynda made her way down the aisle. The look in Phil’s eyes were no less star struck than if he had seen Lucynda for the first time, and the entire ceremony was personal and heartfelt.

After the ceremony, the happy couple did the rounds for hugs and congratulations, and then we did group photos with their friends and family. After sunset, Lucynda and Phil took their guests straight into the reception, where they enjoyed canapes and drinks before the sit down dinner to come. On the tables were all  hand made decorations, Lucynda told me they had DIY’d almost everything for their big day, making it all the more special! In front of every guest were amazing wooden boxes with their names on them, hand made by Phil himself! They made a stunning feature on the long table all lined up, and you can only imagine  how excited the guests were when they discovered their unique hand crafted gifts!

All in all it was a laidback but lovely day, and we wish the newlyweds all the best of luck for the future!

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