Lisa-Marie & Corey’s Elegant Ipswich Wedding!

  • On June 23, 2015

With bridesmaids in purple, the bride is a stunning timeless strapless gown from Mori Lee by Madeline Gardner (purchased from White Lily Couture), and guests come from far and wide to celebrate the big day with the couple, it was definitely a day to remember!

Lisa-Marie and Corey had their ceremony in the beautiful Kholo Botanical Gardens, and their reception at the Metro Hotel Ipswich International. Their family and friends were extremely important to Lisa-Marie and Corey, and the day was as much about them as the couple itself.

Lisa and the girls had their hair done by Hair 4 Brides and makeup done by Erin Delahunty Makeup and Hair Stylist at the Metro hotel in the morning. When I arrived to begin the photos they all looked stunning, and they all wore matching jackets with Bride and Bridesmaid written on them! Lisa-Marie was nervous but excited, and once or twice had to overcome tears that threatened from the emotions of the day.

The couple had arranged 4 matching cars and drivers to take part in their day, and Lisa-Marie was escorted to the ceremony in style in the white Ford with ribbons on the front. Lisa-Marie and the girls carried beautiful bouquets from Premier Cane & Flowers Toowoomba.

The ceremony was conducted by Ipswich celebrant John Bell, it was emotional and brought tears to both bride and bridesmaids’ eyes! It was beautiful to see the precious bond that Lisa-Marie and Corey shared, and the look on Corey’s face when Lisa-Marie appeared at the top of the red carpet showed true love!

The kids played a big part in the wedding and they clung to the couple for a lot of the day, their eyes full of admiration and wonder. It showed again how important family is to Lisa-Marie and Corey, and how much love they have for the people who are most important in their lives.

After the afternoon ceremony we spent an hour taking photos in the gorgeous gardens and surroundings, before heading to the reception venue where the room was beautifully decorated in purple and white by Simply Elegant Occasions! The cake was a masterpiece created by the talented Sweet Valley Cakes and showed very accurate depictions of the bride and groom on top, as well as a little bridesmaid and groomsman sitting on the bottom! The attention to detail was immaculate! Instead of a first dance, Lisa-Marie and Corey opted for the Shoe Game. It was a lot of fun for everyone and revealed a great snapshot of their lives together.

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