Lisa’s family session!

  • On February 16, 2016

Lisa is a fellow photographer in Fernvale, and a few months ago we decided to do a swap and do family photos for each other! Lisa did some gorgeous photos of my husband and I and our dog Freya, and we are so in love with our photos!

Photography by L. M. Broderick Photography



Now the time came to¬†photograph Lisa’s family, and needless to say, I was a bit daunted after the amazing job she did with our photos. I could only hope I could return the favour and create something as wonderful for them as she did for us!

We went to Red Cedar Creek, nice and local to Lisa’s home in Fernvale, and we timed it to late afternoon to hopefully get that golden glow. Lisa’s family consists of husband Steve and children Addison and Hannah. Hannah wore a beautiful blue dress for the occasion and looked cute as a button!

Lisa being used to staying on the other side of the lens was a bit nervous and shy for the photos, but she looked amazing and they all did a great job in front of the camera.

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