Leah + Lloyd’s Yacht Club Wedding!

Leah + Lloyd’s Yacht Club Wedding!

  • On June 7, 2016

Leah + Lloyd had their little girl Livia last year, and I did her newborn session. When the time came to finally tie the knot, they asked me to be their wedding photographer, and I couldn’t be more thrilled!

Leah got ready at Oscar on Main, a stunning high rise in walking distance from the beach. The bride had her makeup done by Makeup by Stace along with her sister and step mum, and Leah was calm and relaxed and enjoyed the preparations with a glass of champagne.

Her gown was gorgeous and strapless with detailed beads on the bodice from Hills in Hollywood, and Leah looked stunning! Her bouquet was a truly unique masterpiece made up of brooches in soft yellows, blues and pinks, and it looked amazing – though it was understandably extremely heavy. Lloyd and Leah’s father wore matching flower brooches in lieu of the usual floral buttonholes, tying the whole theme together perfectly.

The father of the bride arrived in time to get the first look at his beautiful daughter in her dress, before escorting Leah to her ceremony.

Leah and Lloyd chose the Southport Yacht Club for their wedding venue, and the ceremony was set up outside with the stunning harbour view. It was a hot sunny day, so Lloyd, Livia and their guests waited inside the for as long as possible before taking their places for the ceremony. Leah made her entrance from the top of the stairs, and Lloyd watched his bride with a true expression of love on his face.

The ceremony was short and sweet, and after the congratulations and hugs, we went off to take photos among the majestic boats housed by the club. We took photos of the couple on the walkway pier, then we headed back up and did some on the grass, and finally, on a little beachy patch with soft sand and a stunning backdrop. Leah and Lloyd didn’t have a bridal party, but we did get some photos with Livia, and she was quite the poser!

Inside the restaurant, the reception was set up beautifully with lanterns lining the ceiling, tall glass vases with lights decorating the tables, and a cute little sweetheart table for two with a Mr & Mrs sign. It was a cocktail reception, so people were standing around dry bars chatting and laughing, and the lovely club staff were serving delicious food all night long.

When I asked Leah’s father if he thought there would be speeches, he shook his head and told me he would say a few words but Leah and Lloyd were far too relaxed and informal to want a big round of speeches. Little did he know that his few words would induce tears from both bride and groom, and that Lloyd’s brother would go on to do a 10 minute speech he had prepared, outlining Lloyd’s entire life from birth, earning hysteric laughter as well as tears from everyone in the room, including a very emotional Lloyd.

Leah and Lloyd’s wedding was a lovely day full of emotion and family, and we wish them all the best for the future!

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