Kym + Paul’s Emotional Garden Wedding

Kym + Paul’s Emotional Garden Wedding

  • On August 14, 2015

Kym & Paul planned their wedding for a long time before the big day came around! With Paul working full time in Sydney and Kym studying in Brisbane, they have been spending their engagement long distance with Kym going down to Sydney on weekends and holidays.

Kym and the girls got ready at the Treasury Casino in the city, and the boys only a block away. Makeup  was done by Aleasha Deanne from Koko Makeup and Beauty, and hair was done by Kym’s friend Melanie Bird Hair Styling. They all looked absolutely stunning with classic updos and bridesmaid dresses in blush, and Kym’s intricate lace wedding gown by BellaDonna was exquisite! The girls’ gorgeous bouquets and the boys’ buttonhole flowers were from Rosita Flowers.

Kym & Paul had their ceremony at Roma Street Parkland in the Sunset Glade garden, and it was a white elegant set-up provided by Beautiful Weddings. Celebrant Jo Lincolne told a little bit of the couple’s story and Kym & Paul told the rest, and it made for a very entertaining and emotional ceremony. They wrote their own unique vows, and according to Paul after they were all said and done, he “nailed it”! And thanks to modern technology, Kym’s family in South Africa were able to watch the whole thing via Skype!

After the ceremony we took advantage of all the spots in the beautiful Roma Street gardens, and we even got a chance to play with sparklers!

The reception was hosted at Mirra Brisbane, and the grand ballroom was beautifully styled – again by the amazing Beautiful Weddings – and decorated according to Kym & Paul’s wedding theme and colours. Their stunning cake had centre stage in the middle of the room in front of the long bridal table for 10, and the bridal party made a fun entrance to the hilarious introductions of MC Alfred of G&M DJs.

With Kym’s father being Scottish, they decided to include a family tradition where the groom, the father of the groom and the father of the bride all have a shot of Scotch together before formalities begin. Kym and her father have a very special bond which was obvious throughout the whole day, and to end the formalities at the reception the pair did a father-daughter dance with a tear jerking voiceover by Kym expressing her love and gratitude to her dad – I doubt there was a dry eye in the house.

Thank you to Kym & Paul for allowing us to spend this special day with you, and we wish you all the happiness for the future!

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