Kacey + Nick’s “Darling Street” Wedding!

Kacey + Nick’s “Darling Street” Wedding!

  • On October 13, 2015

Kacey and Nick are a fun, laidback, romantic couple with just the right amount of nerdy! The two met at Flight Centre where Kacey was a travel agent, and the rest as they say, is history.

Are you ready for the cutest proposal story ever? Kacey is a massive Harry Potter fan, and Nick being the romantic that he is, decided to incorporate her passion for the books into his proposal. Kacey had a favourite line from “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows”, and Nick circled this line and proposed with… wait for it… a Snitch ring! Obviously Kacey said yes!

Kacey got ready at her house in Silkstone, while Nick got ready at his parents’ house. Sarah from Sass-Styles did the lovely hair updos for the girls, while Bec James Makeup Artist did their flawless makeup. The bridesmaids wore gorgeous floral vintage dresses which looked absolutely amazing in the photos, and Kacey wore a stunning delicate Rue De Seine lace gown from The Babushka Ballerina in a simple slim design, which suited her to a tee. Kacey wore beautiful elegant heels to match from Georgies Bridal Shoes, which according to Kacey had the added benefit of being comfortable to wear! Sharyn from Bouquets with Bling provided the stunning flowers; the bridesmaids’ bouquets were made up of classic baby’s breath, and Kacey’s was a colourful big bouquet of mixed flowers that looked beautiful and perfectly rustic!

Both being bookworms, Nick’s dad made them a gorgeous ceremony arch made out of books! They told me about this before the day, and I expected something pretty cool, but it was even better than I had imagined!

Kacey and Nick tied the knot at the Darling Street Chapel in Ipswich, and celebrant Claire delivered a sweet and personal ceremony. They requested an unplugged ceremony, so all the guests’ attention was on the action, which was lovely to see!

For their wedding transport, Nick and Kacey had a vintage Daimler by Tic Tac Tours & Premier Limousines, and it suited their vintage theme perfectly!

For the photos, we went to the beautiful Queens Park in Ipswich, and the Pumpyard Brewery.

Following on from the epic proposal and their special connection to the books, Nick and Kacey incorporated Harry Potter, Kacey’s favourite quote and the snitch into their seating chart for the reception.

The epic book cake was also provided by the venue and Nick and Kacey were so delighted when they saw it at the reception! Nick delivered a speech that especially had his parents in tears, and Kacey couldn’t help some tears from falling as her father said some beautiful words.

We really enjoyed spending the day with this wonderful couple, their wedding had such a lovely theme and heartwarming atmosphere, and we wish them all the best for the future!

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