Elegant Hire Photobooth Review

  • On July 22, 2016

We recently had a look at two different photobooth setups by Brisbane’s Elegant Hire – Photo Booth Hire, and we’d like to share the results with our readers!

The first setup has a white curtain backdrop, and personally, we find the resulting photos average at best. The lighting is flat, and there is a distinct magenta tint to the images. It also seems to have trouble capturing fast movement and the images where people are moving come out looking blurry. We assume this is the result of a slower shutter speed due to lack of light. In conclusion, the photos from this setup look like snap shots and could quite possibly be the results of a DIY booth.

The second setup has a deep red curtain backdrop, and right away we notice a distinct jump in quality. These images have depth due to better lighting, the red curtain adds drama and contrast, the skin tones and colours are well balanced, the composition is better, and the images are sharp and generally look a lot more professional. I would be extremely happy with photos from this setup if I was a guest at an event with this booth!


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