Edita + Peter’s Byron Bay Wedding!

Edita + Peter’s Byron Bay Wedding!

  • On May 3, 2016

Edita and Peter tied the knot on Tallow Beach in Byron Bay on the 2nd April 2016! However, this is only one of 3 weddings that the couple have been planning.

Edita is originally from Lithuania, but lives in London where she met Aussie Peter. When the time came to get married, they decided to do it in all the most significant places where they had family and friends. This wedding was for Peter’s nearest and dearest in Australia. Next on the list is London where they will celebrate with all their close friends, and then Edita’s home country where the bride’s family will celebrate with the happy couple.

I met Edita and Peter at a lovely house in Talofa where Edita got ready with her son D and Peter himself. The pair had decided to make the whole day as informal as possible, so Edita even had Peter help her decide on whether she should wear a necklace or not for the ceremony, and they sorted out the music together before heading off to the ceremony.

The ceremony was held on Tallow Beach with a gorgeous arch set up in front of the amazing backdrop. We had clear blue skies and a hot day for Edita and Peter’s nuptials, and the pair arrived to the ceremony fashionably late wearing sunnies, and dished out high fives all around! Joshua Withers was the celebrant they had chosen for the big day, and in true Josh style it was a personal and fun ceremony that got the guests involved as well as the bride and groom. Edita’s son D played an important part in their day, being the ring bearer as well as providing the accessories for the knot tying ceremony for which Edita and Peter literally tied the knot with an ornamental rope while Josh explained the history of the term “tying the knot”.

After the ceremony, we didn’t have to go far for the couple photos. The beach was stunning with bright blue water and clear skies, and Edita and Peter wanted natural casual shots of them having fun on the beach. Turns out the pair had an affinity for doing big jumps in the air, and we got some great fun photos of the couple’s leaps.

After the photos, we went back to the house in Talofa where they had been getting ready earlier; a stunning large property with great big windows and a deck with an outdoor pool amidst the luscious backdrop of Northern NSW bushland! The guests were already there enjoying canapes and drinks, and when Edita, Peter and D made their entrance, they went straight into a heartfelt speech by Peter’s father. The food kept being served all night by Peter’s sister’s catering company, and she also made the wedding cake for the couple and decorated it with fresh flowers and shells from the beach. After the cake cut, Peter and Edita made their own speeches, recognising Edita’s grandfather who had sadly passed away shortly before the wedding, as well as celebrating the official uniting of Peter, Edita and D as a family.

It was a relaxed and intimate day for Edita, Peter and their guests, and we wish them all the best for the future!

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