Christmas Mini Sessions!

Christmas Mini Sessions!

  • On December 22, 2015

This year’s Christmas minis were a huge success and I had much more interest than I had thought I would have! I did them for the first time last year, and many of this year’s families were returns from last year, plus some new ones who are now already booking in for next year’s Christmas shoots!

I had babies, older children, families and pets in the studio, and they all had a great time (well, maybe except for my cat Emo who was one of my test subjects)!

They dressed up in Christmas gear and played with the props I had in the studio, and there was a bowl of candy canes in case bribes were needed to bring out the smiles. Little Ollie even had his very first candy cane, which was exciting!

I will definitely be doing Christmas minis again next year, and I already have the set-up planned!

Little Amelia whose newborn photos I did 6 months ago! My, how she has grown, and look at that gorgeous smile!



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Sybella and Silvie; I did Silvie’s newborn photos 6 months ago, and it was so nice to see this little family again! Mum Sarah brought along these beautiful cards from The Rule Breakers to feature in the photos!




Christmas Photography Brisbane




I first met Kirstine and her family when they came in for their Christmas photos last year, before Austin became a big brother. I then did little Summer’s newborn session early this year, and now they were back again for their family Christmas photos! I look forward to seeing them all again next year!







Elijah was my first lifestyle newborn that I did when he was 2 weeks old, about 8 months ago. I always knew Elijah was going to grow into a heartbreaker, and indeed he is! Look at that beautiful smile and handsome face! Mum Emily has already booked Elijah in for next year’s Christmas photos (as well as his first birthday session in March), and I can’t wait to see how he grows!



Christmas Photography Brisbane


Jonah was a new little client this year, Mum and Dad brought him in thinking he might not be into it, but he gave us lots of beautiful smiles and happy faces!






Sisters Bree and Tamara are both girls I have worked with before, so when they booked in for a family session to surprise their parents with for Christmas, I knew it would be a great shoot! Kids Kylah and Ali were both all over the place in the studio, and they were very busy bees! But we got some nice shots of them, and even some smiles!










Ollie is a very inquisitive little man, and he was also very busy exploring things in the studio during the photos. I recently did a family session with Ollie and his family. Ollie isn’t generally a big fan of photos, so we played it by ear and let him do his thing while we casually observed and took some sneaky photos in between. We eventually got some great smiles!






I have known Paula for a long time and have always wanted to do a shoot with her furbaby Lord Dashington! True to his name, he is one dashing little man, and so playful at 8 years of age! He loves his squeaky toys, so we brought out the big guns and let him romp around with them while getting some cute photos in between! He didn’t overly object to the props we put on him, and he was generally a really great model! I can’t wait to see more of him for a creative shoot next year! 😉





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Freya is my own furbaby, and while she’s used to being my test subject for most things, I suspect she also has a mild case of PCS (photographer’s child syndrome). Treats are always needed, but she is crazy photogenic, so it doesn’t usually take too long to get a great shot of her.





This is my other furchild Emo. She doesn’t like being in photos, and she’s not overly enthusiastic about Christmas either. So this was the only shot I got of her!


This is precious little Sam, my best friend Kate’s brand new little man! He was born just 3 days before the mini sessions so he missed out, but when he came in for his newborn session a week later we got him ready for Christmas with a reindeer beanie, and he rocked it! I will no doubt be seeing more of him in the near future, for photos and cuddles, and hopefully we will get some photos of him with 2.5 year old big brother Jack at some stage in the new year.


I hope you have all enjoyed the Christmas mini sessions this year!

Merry Christmas from all of us at Willow Branch Photography!


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