Chris + Todd’s Couple Session!

  • On February 9, 2016

Chris and Todd  have been together for a little over 6 years, engaged for 5 and a half, and are awaiting same-sex marriage to be legalised so they have have a small wedding to celebrate their love.

I met this lovely couple in Queen’s Park in Ipswich for a photo session, and I knew a little bit about the two beforehand. I had been talking to Chris, a very creative young man who works in graphic design and whose mind is always busy working out different layouts and solutions. Chris had told me that Todd was a bit anxious about the session, a bit shy and uncomfortable in front of the camera, so I knew that I wanted to make the session as casual and laidback as possible; not only for the sake of making Chris and Todd feel comfortable, but also because I wanted to capture something real and heartfelt in the photos. Turns out, this was really easy with these two; their love was glowing and they really had fun with the session, which was exactly what I wanted.

In the end I was left with a fantastic collection of photos that I think portrays Chris and Todd perfectly; Chris’ playful side came out quite a bit, and Todd’s gentle and caring nature shone through in the poses that the pair chose for the photos. They actually needed very little direction from me, and I simply got to observe from a distance and document their personalities and love for each other.

Chris and Todd are in the planning stages of adopting a child, and are currently raising the funds for this expensive and time consuming process. If you would like to support Chris and Todd on their journey to becoming parents, go to their donation link here: Two’s a Couple, Three’s a Family

Here is what Chris had to say about their session:

“She is an amazing photographer with a beautiful and refreshing style to getting the perfect shots – I genuinely felt like I was hanging out with a friend rather than a photographic artist… The best photo I reckon I’ve ever gotten with my husband Todd… I can’t thank Willow Branch Photography enough for all of these! We are amazingly happy with our shoot.”

  Same-Sex Photography Brisbane

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Same-Sex Photography Brisbane

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Same-Sex Photography Brisbane

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Same-Sex Photography Brisbane