Amanda & Mason’s Rustic Vintage Wedding

Amanda & Mason’s Rustic Vintage Wedding

  • On July 14, 2015

Amanda & Mason has their engagement session with me in Fernvale in March, and I got a good sense of their style and personalities. Our session reflected these aspects of their relationship and personalities; it was fun, colourful, relaxed, vintage and rural!

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So it was no surprise to me when their wedding had a rustic vintage theme with pops of rockabilly! Everything from the venue Old Petrie Town, to the dresses which were all handmade by Amanda’s mum, was so completely in style with the couple’s personalities and it really made the day that much more special!

Celebrant Annie Grace had a laidback style that suited Amanda & Mason perfectly, and the ceremony was sweet and fun! We made sure we got some beautiful photos with the old barn only a stone’s throw away from the ceremony location (under the big fig tree), the iconic red doors, and the old boiler house sheds. The bridal party was a lot of fun, and the girls were so lovely and a fantastic entourage to Amanda.

The reception was at the Heritage Function Centre and was beautifully vintage and rustic to suit Amanda & Mason’s style! They had a gorgeous simple cake with Micky and Minnie Mouse incorporated as a cake topper (as well as a sneaky sticky under Amanda’s wedding shoes and on the front of their wedding car), and lovely speeches that showed just how loved this couple are amongst their nearest and dearest.

I was lucky to have the talented Emily Flynn second shooting with me at Amanda & Mason’s wedding, and I can’t thank her enough for all her assistance and beautiful photos!

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