A Bride’s Survival Kit

  • On July 28, 2015

Top 10 things to put in your wedding day survival kit

As a wedding photographer I always see what bits and pieces brides need during the day, what they have and what they don’t have available if something goes wrong. Here is a list of useful things for brides to put into their survival kit!

1. Painkillers, in case of headache.

2. Tissues, in case of tears.

3. Deodorant, in case of sweat.

4. Safety pins, in case something comes loose and you need a quick fix.

5. Sewing kit, in case something breaks and you need a permanent fix.

6. Extra earring backs, in case you lose one.

7. Band aids, in case your shoes are tight and chafe the back of your heel.

8. Lipstick and blotting paper, for those powder room touch-ups.

9. Mirror, in case you need to reapply make-up or fix up your hair in the car or on the move.

10. High heel protectors, so your heels don’t sink into the grass.

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Bridal Photos Brisbane